Simulator presentation

This project is a trains simulator for POSIX and RTAI systems. POSIX capabilities do NOT need real-time OS, you only need a POSIX-compliant Linux kernel; otherwise RTAI capabilities need installation of a Linux kernel patched RTAI (>=3.7) and RTnet (see RTAI installation parts: "RTAI and RTnet from sources" ou "RTAI and RTnet from Debian built-in packages").

Simulator downloads

You can find simulator download here or by typing following command in your terminal:


Build simulator and user program

For build both (simulator and user program, launch compilation script in a terminal, with your user accournt (You may need to install some additionals libraries like gtk+, cairo, pango, glib) :


For POSIX mode compilation, comment these lines

//#define TS_RTAI 1
//#define TSUSR_RTAI 1
in ./src/const_kernel.h and ./usr/src/usr_const_global.h.

For RTAI mode compilation, check these previous lines are commented out.

#define TS_RTAI 1
#define TSUSR_RTAI 1
Makefile don't need to be updated.

Launching simulator and user program

After choosing between POSIX or RTAI mode and building programs:

To launch simulator in POSIX mode, execute with a user account:


To launch simulator in RTAI mode, execute with the root account (super user):