After deserilization, they are conveyed by tracks. There are 3 kinds of commands:
- orders for locomotives.
- orders for electro-magnetic devices.


They consist of two information encoded on each byte.
- The rear march.
- The address of the locomotive. They are transmitted in the order, the guts to walk in first followed by the address.
The rear march

It has two ranges of values 0-15 and 16-31 with a variation in 1. Different values have the following meanings:

Without annex function* With annex function*
0 Stop 16 Stop
1 Minimal speed 17 Minimal speed
... ... ... ...
14 Max speed 30 Max speed
15 Reverse direction 31 Reverse direction

* For locomotives, the function is ignition of lights in the direction of travel

Locomotive address

In this digital network, the address of the locomotive can vary from 10 to 80. It is determined by the positioning of eight contacts on decoder board in each lococomotive.


The electro-magnetic devices consist of switches, signals and uncoupling rails involved in this network. They include windings for conducting mechanical positioning. They are connected to decoders K83 charged with interception of orders conveyed by the track.

There are two types of orders for the electro-magnetic devices
- The switching instructions
- The order of relaxation

The switching instructions

Each device can take only two positions:
- Red / Green for a signal
- Left / Right for a switch
- Active / Inactive for an uncoupling of a rail switching instructions. consist of two information encoded on a byte:
- A position code
- The address of the device are forwarded in the order position code first followed by the address of device.

Position code

Two values are allowed: 33 and 34 associated with the two positions that can take an electro-magnetic. For signals, an organization of wiring allowed to assign the value 33 to the color green, 34 to the color red. For other devices Appendix 1 contains details of the codes used.

Device address

The address of a device can take 256 values. It is determined by the positioning of 8 contacts within the "decoder K83" to which the device is connected. This determines a no group that can take 64 values. The choice of the output of the decoder sets a value among the four addresses associated with the group. For proper operation and clarity of use of the positioning system must be exclusive and obey a certain log ic. On the network, the smallest group number was associated with the "decoder K83" is the highest in the upper left, the largest group number being associated with the "decoder K83" located further down on the right. The progression is from top to bottom and from left to right.

The order of relaxation

The electro-magnetic devices have rustic design. They have no limit to the cutoff control current. Accordingly, control of an electro-magnetic device should not be maintained, under penalty of destroying it by intense heating of the coil. The portion of the control of a device 1 to the control of a device 2 stops the solicitation of the first device. When issuing a series of commands, the problem remains for the last selected device. Existence of relaxation order to release the latest electro-magnetic activated. The Order of relaxation has a single byte of information. His value is 32. For domestic equipment, orders destined for an electro-magnetic, must necessarily be followed by an order of relaxation.



This is an emergency stop command can be uti lise gui to manage all critical situations. His program is shut down the power supply network that involves the stopping of trains and the extinction of the signal. There are memorizing the situation can be restored by issuing the order CONJUNCTION. The order of severance has only one byte of information that goes to their 97. In an initial phase of development. that order can be used to validate the activation process attached to the management of the serial line.


his sequence is complementary to the previous one. It will restore the progress of trains after an emergency stop. He has only one byte of information whose value is 96.